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Business conditions

Business conditions of our company

Who works for us?
Our agency employs experienced college-educated translators who specialize in various fields and some of our translators are native speakers. This allows us to charge nothing extra for specialized translations.

Who are our customers?
Our customers include both large companies for whom we provide comprehensive language services and clients for whom we generally translate correspondence and provide sworn translations of official documents. We will supply you with further references upon request.

Business conditions

  1. Receipt of orders

    You may deliver an order in person, by fax or by e-mail or you may post it by courier to our address, using our telephone or fax number.

    If you require to use expert or your company’s internal terminology or to keep certain parts of the translated text in the original language, it is necessary to notify our agency of this fact in writing simultaneously with the handover of the order. Should you wish the translation to contain specific terminology, jargon or required professional expressions, you have to provide us with their list and appropriate foreign equivalents.

  2. Delivery periods

    The standard for a working day is 6 standardized pages. One standardized page means 30 lines of 60 keystrokes. The total number of keystrokes for a completed translation is determined by the computer.

    An express translation means a translation which is larger than six standardized pages per working day not including the day of receipt and the day of delivery.

  3. Calculating the price

    The basic unit for determining the charge for a translation is the standardized page, i.e. 1800 keystrokes. This is based on the number of keystrokes for the completed translation.

    A text which is shorter than one standardized page is charged as for one standardized page, as is the case with any incomplete final page.

    For express translations with a 24-hour deadline, a surcharge of 50% on the normal price is added upon receipt of the order.

    If the volume of translation work exceeds six standardized pages per day, the final price is charged as follows: 7-8 standardized pages per day + 30% more than 8 standardized pages per day + 50%

  4. Trade secrecy and guarantees

    All agency employees and co-workers are bound to maintain confidentiality regarding facts and information with which they are apprised in the course of their work.

  5. Complaints

    A complaint may be lodged against an order within 14 days of receipt in writing and with the mistranslations explicitly specified in it. Upon expiry of this time limit, aA piece of work is subsequently deemed to be defect-free.